Still Life
The Answered Prayer
Original Pastel Painting, 18" x 24 ”

The Answered Prayer
The Answered Prayer was selected to be part of The Signature Show at The Albuquerque Museum in 2006. This show was available to the public from July through October. For this painting a theme of World War II was chosen. The story in the image is that of a young soldier going off to war. In 1944 he writes home to his mother, even as his troop train heads to the Pacific. His news is ordinary, but filled with details that he wants to share, and his mom wants to hear. From the painting you can read the date and some of the descriptive words of one of his letters. The title of the painting comes from the blue satin ribbon that is part of the composition. It is a Welcome Home ribbon presented to the soldier in 1946 by his home town.
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