Bird in Flight

Artist Statement


I've been told that I have innate exuberance. If this is true, it must be a driving force that guides many aspects of my life. Surely it must guide my artwork, my choice of subjects, use of color, and mood of composition. I am aware of a thrilling sensation that keeps me going through the months of research, personal connections, planning, and execution of a painting. Before I even begin, I write a few sentences about the emotions I want to feel when I look at the finished image. From time to time, I look back on that statement to keep myself focused on my initial goal. It is the process of creation that motivates me, energizes me, and has me working well into the night. When obstacles present themselves, I work through them, clearly seeing the pleasure that waits on the other side. As I bring a painting to completion, it is common for me to experience this huge wave of amazement, as I contemplate, "How did that happen?"

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